New Exhibit 13-A

Last year, FHWA discountinued the use of the “No Right of Way Certification” and caused the need to use the long form regardless if a project had right of way impacts.  Agencies voiced concerns about the delays this has brought and HQ has listened.  Effective immediately, the Right of Way Certification Short Form can be used for:

  • Projects that do not require a right of way acquistiion,
  • Projects that do not require relocation assistance,
  • Projects that do no involve railroad,
  • Projects where utility relocation is limited ONLY to the adjustments of utility covers (manhole covers, water valve covers, and box lids) to meet the finish roadway guide.

This new form will hopefully help streamline requests.  For addtiional information, please refer to DLA-OB 11-09.

About David Giongco

David is an Area Engineer with the Division of Local Assistance at Caltrans helping local agencies throughout California successfully deliver their federal and state funded projects.

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