Anticipated Calls For Projects

Due to popular demand, I am relenting on my normal “wait til the official announcement comes out” philosophy and giving you a heads up of our anticipated calls for projects over the next few months. Obviously this is very preliminary, a rough draft, subject to change, etc etc.

FHWA’s HfL (Highways for Life) program solicitation – mid to late November 2011

SR2S, Cycle 10 (State-funded Safe Routes to School) – December 2011

BTA (Bicycle Transportation Account) – January 2012

HR3 (High Risk Rural Roads) – Feb/March 2012

HSIP (Highway Safety Improvement Program) – April/May 2012

Keep in mind that these dates represent when we anticipate making the calls for projects, not when submittals from Local Agencies are actually due.

About John Hoole

John, as the District Local Assistance Engineer, is responsible for the administration of the Local Assistance Program in District 3, which covers local and regional agencies in eleven Sacramento Valley and Northern Sierra Counties. He supervises a group of 10-12 Engineers and Planners who ensure delivery of State and Federal funds to the locals. His experience in the District includes Design, Project Management, and Programming, and prior to the District he worked as a Transportation Engineer with the Federal Highway Administration.

2 thoughts on “Anticipated Calls For Projects

  1. Sure wait till I retire to set up a user friendly blog. Jean-Marie turned me on to it this morning so I will be following your lead as we ocasionally work on Caltrans projects here at Bender Rosenthal Inc.

    See you down the road,

    Tom Ganyon

    • Tom
      Great to hear from you! Yes, I think we’ve got a good tool here, but I’ve gotta give credit to David Giongco, one of my engineers here in Local Asst. He really pushed to get this up and running and I feel like it’s already paying off. We’ll have to start getting our R/W and Env folks more involved in using this blog to dissemenate info too! I’m sure I’ll run into you somewhere soon…..have a Merry Xmas, Happy New Year, etc.

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