SR2S Cycle 10 Projects Announced!

District 3’s eight successful applicants for funding under Cycle 10 of the State Safe Routes to School (SR2S) Program are listed below.  The statewide project list will be available on the SR2S website next week, and letters formally notifying your agency of the successful/unsuccessful applications will also be sent over the next week.

Link to SR2S website:

Also, feel free to contact either our SR2S Coordinator here in the District (Jim Day at 530-741-5116) or the DLAE (John Hoole at 530-741-5450).  Here’s the list….congrats to the successful 8:

Agency Name School Name(s) Project Location Project Description
Citrus Heights Mesa Verde HS, Carriage Drive ES, Grand Oaks ES Antelope Rd. between I 80 and Auburn Blvd. Construct sidewalks, curb and gutter, curb ramps; upgrade bike lanes
Oroville Stanford Avenue School Oro Dam Blvd. between SR 162  and Sanford Ave. Construct intersection improvements, sidewalks, curb and gutter, and curb ramps; install crosswalks;  minor drainage
Rancho Cordova Mills MS Coloma Rd. just east of Chase Dr. at the Mills MS parking lot entrance Install traffic signals and pedestrian countdown heads; construct curb ramps; upgrade crosswalks
Rocklin Rocklin ES, Rocklin Academy, Ruhkala ES, Rock Creek ES Racetrack Dr. in front of Rocklin ES;  S. Grove St./Kannasto St.; Blue Oaks Blvd. between Sunset Blvd. and Taft Way Construct sidewalks and curb ramps; speed feedback trailers 
Sacramento Martin Luther King Jr. Technology Academy, Harmon Johnson ES, Noralto ES Acacia Ave. between Altos Ave. and Rio Linda Blvd. Install traffic signal and crosswalks; construct sidewalks and curb ramps
Sacramento County Howe Ave ES Howe Ave. between El Camino Ave. and Red Robin Ln. Construct 5′ sidewalks, curb and gutter, and curb ramps
Woodland Ramon S. Tafoya ES, Zamora ES, Freeman ES, Woodland Prairie ES, Rhoda Maxwell ES, C. E. Dingle ES, Douglas MS Gum Ave. between Joyce Ct. and Farnham Ave.; El Dorado Dr. between Grove Ave. and Cottonwood St.; Cottonwood St./Woodside Dr.; West St. between Woodland Ave. and Beamer St.; Woodland Ave. near Alder Ct.; Matmor Rd. between Gum Ave. and Towse Dr.;  Ashley Ave. between Beamer St. and Porter St.; College St. between Cross St. and Lincoln Ave.; Third St./Hays St. Install traffic signal and speed feedback signs; upgrade crosswalks, signs and striping
Yuba City King Ave ES King Ave. between Clark Ave. and Live Oak Blvd. Widen roadway and install bike lanes; construct sidewalks, curb and gutter, and curb ramps;  safety education program

About John Hoole

John, as the District Local Assistance Engineer, is responsible for the administration of the Local Assistance Program in District 3, which covers local and regional agencies in eleven Sacramento Valley and Northern Sierra Counties. He supervises a group of 10-12 Engineers and Planners who ensure delivery of State and Federal funds to the locals. His experience in the District includes Design, Project Management, and Programming, and prior to the District he worked as a Transportation Engineer with the Federal Highway Administration.

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