Why 2 Deadlines for the Highway Bridge Program?

Per a discussion with one of the District 3 Bridge Coordinators, Michael McCollum, regarding the fall and spring deadlines of the Highway Bridge Program (HBP):

The September 30 and January 31 deadlines referred to in the guidelines are approximate dates for our fall and spring updates of the state wide bridge programming list. Bridge funds are different than other grant funds in one important way. Bridge funds are required by Federal code to be prioritized on a state wide basis. That means that the various Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO’s) do not program their own regional bridge funding. It is similar for the rural non-MPO Counties.

Every fall we send out surveys to all of the local agencies that have active bridge projects. This year we requested that the surveys be returned to our office by September 7th. These surveys were combined with the new applications that we received and entered into a database that is used to generate the federally required state wide fund prioritization. The list of bridge funds that results (the fall bridge list) is then broken up into the various areas of responsibility so that the MPO receives the fund programming information for all of the bridges in the municipalities that are members of the MPO. Each MPO adopts amendments to their MTIP that include their portion of the bridge funds. The rural county funds are programmed into the Federal Transportation Improvement Program (FTIP) by Caltrans Headquarters’ Local Assistance.

In order to authorize the funds, they must be included first in the statewide list and then in an approved regional list. This is what the fall list accomplishes. In spring we do a mid-year update of the state wide list, but we do not send out surveys to the local agencies. Since we only receive new obligational authority once a year, the spring list concentrates on cost adjustments and moving funds for existing projects to aid delivery.

Michael McCollum and Harminder Basi manage the HBP program for various counties within District 3. Michael covers the HBP program for local agencies within the Counties of Butte, Colusa, Glenn, Nevada, Sierra, Sutter, and Yuba. Harminder covers the HBP program for local agencies within the Counties of Sacramento, Placer, El Dorado, and Yolo. Contact information for both are located under the “ABOUT” tab located at the top of the page.

About Brian Viray

Brian is a registered civil engineer and has a MBA. He has worked in the fields of hydraulics, hydrology, and floodplain management in both the public and private sector for over eight years. Since coming to Caltrans over two and half years ago, he has been involved in the federal and state funding of approximately $80 million for over 500 transportation projects. Brian currently supports local agencies in the Counties of Colusa, Glenn, Nevada, and Sierra.

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