New COE Announced for D2 and D3!

We’re happy to announce that our HQ has hired Osama Abu-Markhieh as our new Construction Oversight Engineer (COE) to provide construction oversight for both Districts 2 (Redding) and 3 (Marysville).  Osama will be essentially performing the same service that Rodney Murphy performed, except that Rodney focused on ARRA projects and Osama will be focusing on all federally funded projects.

Osama was hired by Caltrans as a full time employee (Inspector) in District 3 Construction in July 1998 and has since worked in District 3 Design for about 2 years, District 1 Construction as a Resident Engineer from 2003 to 2006, worked with the Office of Emergency Services/FEMA to assist local agencies in the Bay Area in recouping funds and assessing damages caused by the 2006 floods, District 3 Construction for one construction season as the Senior Resident Engineer, and was most recently a Senior Transporation Engineer in the North Region Construction Office where he provided engineering support to the field construction offices in Districts 1, 2, and 3.

Osama envisions creating a partnership with the local agencies to prevent deficiencies that were outlined in previous external audits such as FHWA and the Office of Inspector General, and believes that communication is the key to success.  Osama goal is to do prior-to-construction, mid-construction, and post-construction reviews for every federally funded project if possible.

You can reach Osama Abu-Markhieh via cell at (916) 205-8813 or via e-mail at:

About John Hoole

John, as the District Local Assistance Engineer, is responsible for the administration of the Local Assistance Program in District 3, which covers local and regional agencies in eleven Sacramento Valley and Northern Sierra Counties. He supervises a group of 10-12 Engineers and Planners who ensure delivery of State and Federal funds to the locals. His experience in the District includes Design, Project Management, and Programming, and prior to the District he worked as a Transportation Engineer with the Federal Highway Administration.

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