Correction to Exhibit 12-D “PS&E Checklist”

With the hectic pace of changes we are experiencing in FHWA’s transportation program, along with the diminishing State resources, the Division of Local Assistance has often found it difficult to keep all the forms and manuals up-to-date.

In an effort to keep the process moving smoothly, we want to pass along a recently found error that may affect your next construction authorization submittal. The error is found posted on the Division of Local Assistance’s “Document and Forms” web page, page 12-4 of Exhibit 12-D “PS&E Checklist.” ( It turns out there are some inconsistencies between the exhibit and FHWA’s new Form-1273. To correct this, and also because it will likely take time for HQ to post the corrections (due to the likely need to include other non-related changes as well in their update), we ask you to please hand write the needed corrections, which you will find in the attachment below, prior to using the form in any of your submittals to your Local Assistance office.

We appreciate your patience during this hectic time of transition. If you have any questions on this please feel free to contact your District Local Assistance Engineer.

Exhibit 12-D pg 4 Correction_3 Dec 2012

About stheiss

Suzi Theiss is the District Local Assistance Engineer for District 1, Eureka. She has been with Caltrans for 29 years, the last 4 years with Local Assistance. She graduated from Humboldt State University with a BS in Environmental Engineering and is a licensed Civil Engineer.

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