PES Form … Check?

Have you submitted the Preliminary Environmental Study (PES) Form for your project yet?

If you’re requesting an authorization to proceed with the Right of Way or Construction phase of your project this year and have not yet initiated the NEPA process[1], it’s highly recommended that you submit your PES Form to the DLAE no later than April 12, 2013[2]. Planning properly and submitting your PES Form by this date puts your agency in the best situation for delivering your project.

If your project, however, will require environmental technical studies, NEPA approval by July 15[3] will not be likely with the recommended submittal date.

For additional questions, contact your assigned Environmental Coordinator. Below is a list of District 3’s coordinators:

  • Cara Lambirth (Butte, Colusa, Placer, Nevada, Yuba): (530) 741–4109
  • Joe Robsinson (Sacramento Area, El Dorado): (530) 741–4597
  • Kelly McNally (Glenn, Sierra, Sutter, Yolo): (530) 741–4134

  1. Don’t forget about requirements for complying with the Right of Way process too.  ↩
  2. We’ll continue to accept and work on PES Forms submitted after this date, but a NEPA and, ultimately, authorization approval will be at risk for not being delivered this FFY.  ↩
  3. The typical deadline for authorization requests to the District Local Assistance Engineer has been early August.  ↩

About David Giongco

David is an Area Engineer with the Division of Local Assistance at Caltrans helping local agencies throughout California successfully deliver their federal and state funded projects.

2 thoughts on “PES Form … Check?

  1. Here’s some additional information to help explain why mid-April is communicated as the recommended PES submittal date.

    NEPA approval can typically take 4-8 weeks after submitting the PES (the range varies on the project scope). Assuming this timeline, an agency has only 1.5 months until the RFA deadline to complete the remaining tasks required for contract advertising – right of way (acquisition, notices, utilities, etc), plans, specs, etc. All this needs to be completed prior to being able to submit the RFA.

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