Obligate Highway Bridge Program Funds by 3/30

The Division of Local Assistance sent out an announcement advising local agencies to submit their requests for authorizations for bridge projects to Caltrans for the projects programmed in FFY 12/13.

After March 30th, projects programmed in FFY 12/13 will lose their reservation of funds so that projects programmed in FFY 13/14 through 15/16 may be advanced.

For a specific list of projects subject to the March 30, 2013 deadline, please download the project spreadsheet under item 7a from the HBP website.

The projects on this list are still eligible for funding later this year. However, because other projects are being advanced, Caltrans cannot promise that funds will be available.

If local agencies are experiencing delays in FTIP amendments, please submit the request for authorization packages to your District Local Assistance Engineer (DLAE) anyway so that Caltrans may initiate its review process. Please indicate in your transmittal letter when the amendment will be approved and what FTIP amendment the project will be programmed.

When the FTIP amendment is complete, local agency project managers must contact the DLAE to ensure the projects move forward.

About David Giongco

David is an Area Engineer with the Division of Local Assistance at Caltrans helping local agencies throughout California successfully deliver their federal and state funded projects.

One thought on “Obligate Highway Bridge Program Funds by 3/30

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