FHWA Webinar “50 Ways to Lose Your Money” – 4/17/13

The next session of FHWA Office of Real Estate Services’ free webinar “50 Ways to Lose Your Money” will be held on Wednesday April 17, 2013 from 10:00 am – 12 noon Pacific time

The presenter is Dave Leighow from FHWA’s Office of Real Estate Services.  In this webinar, Mr. Leighow will share valuable information on basic Uniform Act requirements and how to meet those requirements in order to avoid losing Federal funding and State and Local Agency projects.  This session is intended for Right of Way professionals, transportation engineers, project managers—virtually  everyone whose job responsibilities involve, or touch on the acquisition of real property for highway projects that contain any Federal funding whatsoever.
IMPORTANT  NOTE:  The registration deadline is 1 PM  on Monday, April 15th!

Registration is now open. To reserve your seat, please visit https://www.nhi.fhwa.dot.gov/resources/webconference/viewconference.aspx?webconfid=25867.

To register for this event, go to the link above, which is the NHI Web Conferencing Event Calendar and complete the following steps

  • Scroll down to April 17th and then click on the event. 
  • Find the “View Web Conference” information.
  • At the bottom of that information, click on:  “Register for this event”.
  • Fill out the conference registration form. 
  • Click on “Register Now”.
  • You will receive a notification within approximately 24 hours with the information you will need for the day of the conference.


For more information on this webinar or to suggest topics for future webinars, please contact Dave Leighow at 503-316-2543 or david.leighow@dot.gov

About stheiss

Suzi Theiss is the District Local Assistance Engineer for District 1, Eureka. She has been with Caltrans for 29 years, the last 4 years with Local Assistance. She graduated from Humboldt State University with a BS in Environmental Engineering and is a licensed Civil Engineer.

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