$370 Million of Unobligated Earmarks

Did you know that there is approximately $370 million of unobligated earmark funds in California?

A list of projects was recently shared by the Division Chief of Local Assistance and provides details about earmarks with unobligated balances[1]. It’s interesting to see that there are some remaining earmarks with no local match required[2] and even that have been on the books since 1991!

I recommend reviewing the list to check if your local agency was the applicant for any of these projects. Although MAP–21 eliminated earmarks, prior High Priority Projects (HPP)/Demonstration (Demo) earmarks are available until expended or rescinded by Congress. If your local agency has a proposed project[3] that matches the legislated project description, there may be an opportunity obligate these funds.

The list also provides a good opportunity to contact your District Local Assistance Engineer (DLAE) about any errors. If your local agency is listed as the Earmark Applicant[4] for a project, reconcile the obligated amount with your records. Or if your local agency is listed incorrectly as the applicant, let your DLAE know so the appropriate information can be updated in the Caltrans Demo Database.

For any questions regarding the earmarks on this list, contacts your DLAE or the earmark applicant.

In case you missed the links to the list in the post, click HERE to download the list.

  1. This list was generated from the Caltrans Demo Database and is to be used only for informational purposes. Obligation of Demo/HPP funds will need to be verified with you DLAE.  ↩
  2. 100% maximum reimbursement rate  ↩
  3. Section 12.1 in the Local Assistance Program Guidelines provides additional information about the HPP/Demo Program  ↩
  4. It’s the responsibility of earmark applicants to deliver these projects. If your local agency can no longer use the funds, transferring sponsorship may be worth considering.  ↩

About David Giongco

David is an Area Engineer with the Division of Local Assistance at Caltrans helping local agencies throughout California successfully deliver their federal and state funded projects.

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