Additional ADA Resurfacing Technical Assistance Webinar

Due to the high interest expressed in the ADA Resurfacing Technical Assistance webinar[1], FHWA has scheduled a second webinar for August 21, 2013, 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. PDT.

Access the following link to register for the webinar:

For additional information about the webinar, check out my original post.

  1. The first scheduled webinar filled up very quickly. Register now if you would like to participate live.  ↩

About David Giongco

David is an Area Engineer with the Division of Local Assistance at Caltrans helping local agencies throughout California successfully deliver their federal and state funded projects.

6 thoughts on “Additional ADA Resurfacing Technical Assistance Webinar

  1. Thanks, David.

    I think many engineers experienced in pavement preservation methods would not agree with the ADA Maintenance / ADA Alterations groupings presented in the Briefing Memo. Specifically, cape seals and microsurfacing should be in the Maintenance grouping.

    Unfortunately, I will be out of the office and will not be able to participate in the webinars. Will there be future dates?


    • Hi Vin – I, and as you’ve pointed out, other engineers agree with you. I hope by sharing the info that local agencies become more aware of the Technical Assistance notification issued and voice their concerns.

      FHWA has not scheduled any other sessions at this time. The webinars, however, will be recorded and I’ll update both posts with links when it’s posted.

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    • Hi Jimmy, I’m only aware of the two webinars scheduled by FHWA (which are both full). I’ll update the post with the recorded session link when it becomes available, but if you’re hoping to participate live, you could ask to join other agencies in your area who were able to register.

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