[D3LA/repeat] District 3 Invoice Template

Caltrans District 3 would like to share our invoice template (Invoice Template) with our Local Agency partners. The template was created by District 3 Local Assistance (Felicia Haslem and Ferdinand Batatan) and is provided in our recommended format as a guide to efficiently process invoices.

Chapter 5 of the LAPM is the ultimate authority on invoices and contains information on the entire reimbursement process. Our template is just one aspect of this process. We believe these tools will help both the Local Agency and District 3 improve efficiency in processing invoices and reduce the amount of disputes and inconsistencies commonly found in the progress and final report of expenditure documents. Projects that have changing reimbursement ratios are accommodated with this template.

The templates are Excel format spreadsheets which includes an invoice template with instructions. Please read and follow the Instructions sheet. This should serve as a step-by-step guide for using the templates.

The invoice template is synchronized with the final report of expenditure 15-M templates. The goal of these tools is to provide a consistent format that is easy to use and conforms to our District 3 expectations.

District 3 Local Assistance plans to provide a training session in the future on the invoice process and template usage.

We encourage everyone to use the templates and respond with any comments to Felicia Haslem by November 30, 2013.  Comments will be carefully reviewed and changes may be made to better this tool.  The final template and training will follow.

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