[D3LA/repeat] Local Agency Training – CSU Sacramento & UC Berkeley

Transportation Partners,

 As a reminder we offer subsidized Local Agency Training through our CTAP Contract which as of July 1, 2013 has been split between CSU Sacramento and UC Berkeley. 

 CSU Sacramento continues to provide the Federal-Aid Series and RE Academy throughout California and is also developing other training to provide to our locals…many focused on safety.  CSUS also run the LTAP program which includes the retroreflectometer loan program, quarterly informational newsletter, distribution of technology transfer materials, and provide information services and training.

 For more information on the CSUS program please visit the CSUS / Caltrans training website:  http://www.cce.csus.edu/conferences/caltrans/localAssistance/index.cfm       

 UC Berkeley is providing several transportation-related courses (including in-person & on-line training) in areas such as:  Traffic Engineering and Operations, Traffic Signals, Traffic Control and Work Zone Safety, Infrastructure Design, Pavement Design and Maintenance, Planning, Funding and Environment, Project Development, Management and Compliance, Pedestrian Facility Design, and Bicycle Transportation. 

For more information on the UCB program please visit the Technology Transfer Program website:  www.techtransfer.berkeley.edu/schedule      


Feel free to contact these programs or us if you have any questions.

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