Bridge Preventive Maintenance Program (BPMP) projects- Caltrans District 3 Local Assistance

Dear Transportation partners,

Please see the email below regarding BPMP projects.  If you need any training on how to apply for the PE funding to develop the BPMP and how to develop a BPMP, please let me know.  For other questions, please contact Michael McCollum at 530.741.5453 or myself.

 Stella Liao


District 3 Office of Local Assistance

California Department of Transportation

Tel: (530) 741- 5450

Cell: (530) 682-2984

From: Newton, Linda A@DOT
Sent: Friday, December 20, 2013 10:20 AM

Subject: BPMP projects

 Good morning,

 This email is a reminder that if a local agency wants to make changes to an existing Bridge Preventive Maintenance Program (BPMP) project or add a new BPMP, the certification letter and the project list must be submitted to the DLAE no later than January 30.

 This is in accordance with the schedule in the BPMP Guidelines, which can be accessed at the below link:

 I would also like to let you know that if an agency that does not have a BPMP programmed wants to develop the BPMP project listing, they can receive PE funding to develop the list.  All that is required for programming the PE only funding, is a letter from the local agency indicating the number of bridges and the funding necessary  to review the inspection reports.  This letter, on the local agency letterhead, should be sent to the DLAE.  The letter should then be forwarded to HQ for programming, we will review the letter just to make sure the funding requested is not excessive.  Also, these letters will be continuously taken, the January 30 and September 30 don’t apply to the development of the BPMP listing.  If you need further clarification on the development of the BPMP listing, let me know. 

 If you have any other questions, let me know.




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