Newly Adopted Buy America Guidelines and Conference Call Outreach

Dear Transportation partners,

Please see the email below regarding outreach conference calls for local agencies, municipalities and utility service providers on the subject of newly adopted Buy America Guidelines:

From: Gutierrez, Gary F@DOT []
Sent: Monday, January 06, 2014 3:57 PM
To: Winn, Valerie J;; Cheung, Andrew; ‘’; Waizenegger, Jack
Cc: Ramsey, Alice L@DOT; Shellooe, Suzette@DOT; Pyburn, Steve (FHWA); Schmitz, Matthew (FHWA); Munneke, Leo P@DOT; Brownell, Lori J@DOT; Blakely, Denise@DOT; Stonier, Janis@DOT
Subject: Caltrans Buy America webpage and Conference Call outreach

Good Afternoon All,

I wanted to let you all know that Caltrans will be sponsoring/hosting a series of outreach conference calls for local agencies, municipalities and utility service providers. The conference calls are provided as an opportunity for the target audience to ask questions about the newly adopted Buy America guidelines and for Caltrans to explain the guidelines in greater detail. Please visit the “Training & Outreach” tab, located on our webpage (link provided below) for scheduling, handouts and conference call information. Attendance is free. The first conference call is scheduled for Tuesday January 14, 2014. As and FYI, I am attaching a copy of a flyer that Caltrans is sending out to all the local agencies, municipalities and utility service providers (over 3000 flyers will be going out this week).

This is a great opportunity to have your field reps and liaisons call in to get fully informed as to how the guidelines can be implemented and interpreted. The conference calls are redundant, so each participant will only need to attend once. We will also be recording the conference call and posting it within the next week for those who simply cannot fit a scheduled conference call into their schedule. Please help me spread the word within your organization by forwarding this email to anyone in your agency that might benefit.

I would like to point out that the website is about 90% fully populated and will be complete by the end of this week.

Best Regards,

Gary F. Gutierrez, P.E.
Project Manager, Buy America Task Force
California Department of Transportation
Division of Right of Way and Land Surveys
(916) 206-7144 (m)

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