Active Transportation Program(ATP) Call for Projects

Call for APT projects starts today!

There have been many updates on the Active Transportation Program and coming training held by various interest groups. I would like to use this email to provide of a summary of where we are:

1. The guidelines for the 2014 Active Transportation Program(ATP) were officially adopted by the California Transportation Commission (CTC) yesterday on March 20, 2014.

2. The call for projects for the ATP is announced today, March 21, 2014! Please see the email below from Caltrans Division of Local Assistance (DLA).

3. Caltrans DLA is working on Local Assistance ATP Guidelines, Master Agreement Information and sample applications. This information will be coming soon and will be posted at this link:

4. Caltrans DLA has developed the application instructions, the Application Parts1 & 2 as posted in the above link as well. Applications shall be submitted directly to Caltrans DLA HQ. Please read the instruction carefully.

5. Today is also the deadline to register for the official ATP training provided by DLA ATP coordinators on April 3rd in Marysville. The recording of this training session will be posted for your use. The training is in person only. To register, please contact Beatriz Gonzalez immediately at or (530) 741-5173. The registration form is here. ATP training Registration Form

6. Below is a list of training/seminars held by other interest groups:

• An Open Q&A Session with Caltrans; Thursday, March 27, 2014, 10:00am – 11:30am PST; hosted by SRTS National Partnership

• Preparing for the Active Transportation Program Call for Projects(San Jose); Weddnesday, March 26, 2014 from 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM; hosted by SRTS National Partnership, San Jose

For all District 3 agencies and interested parties, I strongly encourage you to join us on April 3rd in Marysville. If you have any questions on the ATP, Jim Day is our ATP coordinator,, (530)741-5116. You are welcome to contact your geographical engineer or myself for any assistance you may need as well.

 ——email from Caltrans DLA HQ on Call for projects——

From: Mcwilliam, Teresa Rs@DOT

Subject: Active Transportation Program (ATP) Call for Projects- please forward to your agencies

Importance: High

Hi everyone- Please forward this to anyone who would be interested in the roll out of the ATP Call for Projects. The Application Parts1 & 2 and the Application Instructions have been posted at

Also we will soon be posting the Local Assistance ATP Guidelines, Master Agreement Information, sample application, Powerpoint for our upcoming District training, and we will be posting a recording of the April 3 Marysville training.

Let me know if there is anything else you need in order to facilitate a successful roll out. Thanks

Teresa McWilliam

Program Manager- Active Transportation Program (ATP)

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