DLA-OB 14-05 Risk Based Invoicing

Caltrans has adopted a new invoice procedure statewide.

Effective October 1, 2014, all agencies are required to fill out the checklist in its entirety accompanied by a billing summary when submitting invoices to the District for processing. Office Bulletin DLA-OB 14-05 provides further guidance for the new process, invoice checklist, and necessary documentation.

  1. DLA-OB 14-05
  2. Local Agency Invoice Review Checklist
  3. Billing Summary and

Agencies are encouraged to start using this new procedure immediately.

Please note the certification and disclaimer on the checklist that is to be signed by the agency. It is the agency’s responsibility to ensure that all federal and state laws and regulations have been followed. This includes the procurement and administration of consultant service contracts. District invoice review does not replace an audit or verify procurement. If you have ongoing contracts for professional services, please be cognizant of these and be sure you have procured them correctly.

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