Online Invoice Training

Our staff here at District 3 put a lot of time, thought and hard work into the development of this training.  It is our hope that our customer agencies, along with their supporting consultants, will find it genuinely helpful with the process of developing and submitting invoices.

This online training module was not created solely for your accounting staff.  The invoice process is normally a joint effort between the project managers and your agency’s accounting department.   The training includes information valuable to the project managers as well as staff processing the invoices.  Therefore we encourage all of the staff involved in the delivery process of a federal or state funded project to participate in the training.

The training should take about one and a half to two hours to complete. The time will vary with the individual and with their familiarity with the invoice process.  The training was set up with the intention that the trainee would complete it in a single session.  When you complete the training,  you will receive an email from us documenting your completion of the training.

District 3 Local Assistance Online Invoice Training

We would like to have your feedback on the training.  The last section of the training invites your comments. We look forward to your responses, questions and comments. We promise to do our best to respond to them in a timely fashion.

If you have any problems downloading or completing the training, please contact myself or Ferdinand Batatan at (530) 741-5704,

Thank you for your continued support to D3LA!

2 thoughts on “Online Invoice Training

  1. The first page of the training website states that it is intended for use by District 3 agencies only. I am guessing the invoice process is about the same for all Caltrans Districts. Is there a reason why agencies from another Districts should not use this training?

    • Hi Kyle,
      Agencies from other Districts are welcome to use this training as well, except we (D3LA) may not be able to address your questions promptly. The training is developed based on the recent Office Bulletin; policy discussed mostly will apply to all districts and agencies. There are some practices unique to District 3 but have been noted in the training materials.
      Thank you for your question.

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