Project Priority List – Action Request

Dear Local Agencies,

Please submit a priority project list to your District 3 Local Assistance Contact using the headers shown below on the spreadsheet to provide the necessary information for each priority project.

oa delivery

We do not mean to add more workload to you or your staff.  Please identify projects that are going into Construction this year so that we can relay that information to our Environmental and Right-of-Way units for prioritization.  If there are other projects (of other delivery phase) that require prioritization, please also include in the list and provide justifications for the prioritization request, and we will review and coordinate with our support units.

Please submit by COB Friday February 13th.

As you know, to initiate the NEPA process, the PES (Preliminary Environmental Study) Form must be submitted and accepted.  If the PES form hasn’t been accepted for your project by now, the NEPA approval for this year’s delivery may be at risk.  Please work closely with your local assistance engineer if you have a project in that situation, or give Stella a call if you would like to discuss.

Thank you

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