Important: 2015 Annual HBP Survey

This post is the announcement of our annual HBP survey. Please carefully follow the instruction below and contact the following bridge engineers if you have any questions.  The surveys specific to your agency will be emailed to your agency.

Placer & Sacramento Counties and agencies within these counties               Bob Baca                            (530) 741-5121

Butte, Colusa, Glenn, Sierra & Yolo Counties                                                       Michael McCollum            (530) 741-5453

El Dorado, Nevada, Sutter, & Yuba Counties                                                       Darlene Wulff                     (530) 740-4992

The scope of this survey is for updating the FTIP for all Highway Bridge Program (HBP) and Prop 1B Seismic projects.

  • This survey must be returned (email requested) to the DLAE no later than COB, September 16, 2015.
  • If the survey is not returned, then your funding needs cannot be addressed, specifically for FFY 15/16.  In addition, under Chapter 6 of the LAPG, no responses to the survey indicate a project is not important which could trigger the unilateral cancellation of the project and a requirement that all federal funds be returned to FHWA.
  • Cost and schedule changes must be justified in an Exhibit 6D from the Highway Bridge Program Guidelines.  The Exhibit 6D must be submitted to and approved by Caltrans (DLAE) prior to the obligation of funds.  However, do not delay the survey to complete the Exhibit 6D package.  Just be aware the Exhibit 6D package is required as a follow up to this survey.
  • This survey may include seismic projects with Prop 1B matching funds.  Information you submit in this survey must be consistent with LA ODIS information recently submitted.
  • For Bridge Preventive Maintenance Plans (BPMP), there is no longer a survey.  If you have changes to a BPMP, send a revised list and certification letter to the DLAE no later than 9/30/2015.
  • New candidate bridge projects must have an Exhibit 6A package submitted to the DLAE no later than 09/30/2015.  (Do not fill out a blank survey form to program new projects.)
  • Projects with complex Advance Construction (AC) programming are being surveyed using an Excel workbook.  The workbook contains a spreadsheet for each project with AC programming.  If an Excel workbook is attached to this email, please update each project worksheet and return via email to Caltrans along with the other simplified PDF formatted surveys.
  • Please consider using Acrobat’s pdf reader to markup your surveys.  You may find it easier than manual methods.

Please be aware that the programming schedule you request is not necessarily what will be programmed in the FTIP.  All projects are prioritized based on policies recommended by the HBP Advisory Committee which includes representatives of the LCC and CSAC.  Please review these two Office Bulletins on the programming and prioritization process:

Again, email the completed surveys to the District Local Assistance Engineer by COB, September 16, 2015.

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