Draft Office Bulletin – Bridge Investment Credit

Dear Transportation Partners,

Please refer to a draft copy of Bridge Investment Credit Office Bulletin (OB), flow Chart, and Q and A. This draft OB is to provide instructions on a new program, the Bridge Investment Credit (BIC), soon available to local agencies using Highway Bridge Program (HBP) funding. The BIC will allow local agencies to replace, rehabilitate, and do preventive maintenance work on HBP eligible bridges using local funds, then receive credit for up to 100 percent of the eligible work. The credit, in turn, will serve as the required non-Federal match for a future local Federal-Aid bridge project.

Department of Local Programs for HBP is asking for comments on the draft OB.

Please return your comments to your local assistance engineer by COB 9/16/2015 at the same time that bridge surveys are due to be returned.

If you have any questions on this draft OB or related documents attached, please contact the local assistance engineer for your bridge projects.

Thank you for your support

2015 08 27 OB BIC Clean

BIC Question and Answer

BIC-flow chart

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